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DAT-Scrapper is a PvP build designed to decimate your foes. With your rifle in hand it’ll rip them apart from a distance and when they come in thinking they have the melee advantage it’ll activate it’s Shredder and Blast gyros to tear them to pieces. It’ll drop your “Spare capacitor” when the enemy is too close to dodge and ruin their day just a bit more. For those duo encounters it’s also equipped with the sweet little stealth gyro so your team can all get on point leaving your enemy clueless until it’s too late.

Sold out!

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Assist – This will start and stop the assist.
Self Heal – This pairs with the slider bar below it. The Assist will use your healing skills (Heal and Barrier) based on this percent. 65 will use heals at 65% Health remaining.
Auto Buffs – This controls your Elixir, it’ll make use of the F3 slot version when your teammates are nearby and need a cleanse. It’ll also use your Elixir_S to break stunes or avoid heavy damage.
Finisher – This one is really more for PvP and WvW it’ll auto finish anyone within range.
Auto Jumps –  This will use your rifle 5 ability to gap close to your enemy target in order to get in there quickly for gyro and blunderbuss usage.
Start Combat – This is basically Bully mode, it’ll auto start fighting things you target. Disable this and the assist won’t attack until you attack or something attacks you.
Auto Target – Auto target pairs with the drop down menu below it “Nearest”, “Lowest HP”, “Highest HP”, “Boss Priority”, “Add priority”. depending on the option selected the assist will target accordingly.

If ArenaNet drastically changes the game in anyway which results in this addon no longer being salvageable in it’s use, no refunds will be given and it may result in the addon no longer being supported or updated.

2 reviews for DAT-Scrapper

  1. Assariar (verified owner)

    Great PvP ACR just like the one I used in the old Minion days.
    Worth it if you like to play PvP a lot.

  2. kybershot (verified owner)

    highly recommend for anyone that plays PvP

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