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BETA Release: ESPExtended

First release of the extended ESP based on the gw2cc ESP-Plugin.

This Product is free and will remain free. This is a learning project and a beta release which will turn into an open-source guide for gw2cc/Godot newcomers when its finished.
Please be aware of the above and expect bugs/that the plugin temporarily breaks.

Current toggleable options:
– Player ESP
– Gadget ESP
– Enemy ESP
– Gatherable ESP

Planned features:
– Further split Agent detection for more options
– User will be able to choose Color of most of the displayed things.
– Find a way to render ESP BEHIND GW UI elements
Features i want to add but not sure if they and how they are possible(experimental)
Just to name some:
– Display buffs that can be stolen/cleansed etc
– Display Stuns
– Display Buffs on you


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