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In order to use any bot or script, an active gw2cc subscription is required! Buy gw2cc licence.

GW2A provides general purpose assisted combat using any profession and any build and is the “must have” plugin for all your assisted combat needs.

Are you frustrated that you are required to use a specific profession that you don’t know how to play well to achieve something in game?
Do you get excluded because you can’t play multiple professions?
Do you feel that the button mashing mechanic is too distracting from focusing on the game world?
Are you a bot creator that wants to leverage a combat framework?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then look no further: GW2A is here to help you competently accomplish that task!

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Discord support is available using this invitation link.Support is only available during week days: Monday to Friday between 08:00(UTC) and 16:00(UTC)





● [29-09-2022] Fixed an issue with tag targeting mode attempting to cast skills outside of their effective range.
● [29-09-2022] Fixed an issue with a number of invalid target acquisition areas:
  ● Dragonfall
  ● Dragon’s End
  ● The Echovald Wilds

Bug Fixes

● Fixed an issue with some Core Engineer profession skills not being cast correctly because they were incorrectly categorized internally.

Features & Improvements

● Thief short bow usage has been improved in anticipation if this being the most used class for the upcoming Halloween event.
● Added a configuration option to only use the auto attack (weapon 1 skill) when tag targeting is in use.
● Tag targeting has been added to GW2A. When this mode is activated, GW2A will evaluate the world for targets that haven’t been hit by the player (not to be confused with aggroed) and build a list of targets to cycle through and “tag”. When this list becomes exhausted, the process will be repeated with already tagged targets. An additional metric has been added to the status indicator to help players monitor the size of this list. When this mode is active, the collapsed status indicator will include a purple indicator on the targeting mode indicator bar.

Known Issues

● Underwater combat remains disabled.
● The custom rotation editor remains unchanged and is still PREVIEW release quality.
● Due to an unavoidable limitation, the Mirage dodge mechanic is not supported.
● GW2A is now game mode aware, however, not all edge cases have been implemented. In these cases, some skills may become temporarily disabled to allow other skills that are castable to be used.
● Elementalist conjured weapon skills will be used until the conjured weapon expires, however, they are cast at a significantly slow rate because of their shared nature with other professions that can pick up these weapons. This will be made performant in a future update when all professions are able to use skills while wielding conjured elementalist weapons.
● Holosmiths will remain in photon forge until they overheat. This will be improved in a future update.


  • [🟢] Support for the detection of over 3,700 skills across 9 professions and 36 specializations.
  • [🟢] Support characters of all levels including characters that have a scaled level when entering certain game modes.
  • [🟢] Assisted skill casting without having a pre-made rotation.
  • [🟢] Automated self-defense skill casting when being attacked.
  • [🟢] Automated skill pre-casting to maximise burst damage with opening attacks.
  • [🟢] A keybind to quickly toggle combat assist on or off.
  • [🟢] Automatic smart target acquisition for either NPCs, players or both.
  • [🟢] A keybind to cycle through a variety of targeting modes.
  • [🟢] A keybind to turn off keybind processing so players can type without inadvertently triggering GW2A.
  • [🟢] Automatic collection of daily, map and event rewards that do not require the player to choose an item.
  • [🟢] An anti AFK disconnect option.
  • [🟢] A feature to enable players to quickly teleport to commanders.
  • [🟢] A comprehensive logging system for troubleshooting.
  • [🟢] An immersive experience theme for GW2A’s windows.
  • [🟢] An API for controlling GW2A using bot or other plugin scripts.
  • [🔴] A preview of the skill rotation editor to customize rotations for specific scenarios.

The below table is an indication of how GW2A performs on its own for each game mode.

Open World 🔴🔴🔴🔴🟡🟡🟡🟡🟢🟢🟢🟢
Story 🔴🔴🔴🔴🟡🟡🟡🟡🟢🟢🟢⚫
Dungeons 🔴🔴🔴🔴🟡🟡🟡🟡🟢🟢🟢⚫
Fractals 🔴🔴🔴🔴🟡🟡🟡🟡🟢🟢⚫⚫
World vs World 🔴🔴🔴🔴🟡🟡🟡🟡🟢⚫⚫⚫
Structured PvP 🔴🔴🔴🔴🟡🟡🟡🟡🟢⚫⚫⚫
Strikes 🔴🔴🔴🔴🟡🟡🟡🟡⚫⚫⚫⚫
Raids 🔴🔴🔴🔴🟡🟡🟡🟡⚫⚫⚫⚫


  • Targeting modes and combat behaviours for specific events such as Halloween.
  • Restore underwater combat.
  • Ongoing support for more professions in their various roles.
  • Continued development of the custom skill rotations designer.

Frequently asked questions

GW2A has a comprehensive logging system that can help troubleshoot some issues for the analytically astute. Log information, in addition to GW2CC’s console window, file can be found at %APPDATA%\gw2cc\logs\gw2cc.log. The level of detail can be adjusted in the preferences window, however, avoid using excessive logging detail for long periods as this can cause your client session to become unstable and crash.

While GW2A strives to do its best and on its own:

  • While players are welcome to try any build they want, builds from METABATTLE are used to build and test GW2A’s internal combat mechanism and used to validate that a profession is working adequately. These builds are recommended and offer the best performance when used with GW2A.
  • Skill combinations don’t always work as expected, for example: Necromancers typically inflict themselves with conditions to transfer them to a target. GW2A won’t do this niche action on its own all the time, however, this is planned for improvement over time.
  • Character sometimes becomes idle for a noticeable period and then continues normally. In most cases, this is because GW2A can’t find a skill to cast next because everything is on cooldown, or its understanding of everything is incorrect. When this happens, GW2A will reset its state and resume normal operation to keep you in the fight. This action can take anything from milliseconds up to 2 seconds.

GW2A no work?!?
You need to buy a GW2CC license.
You need to have an active subscription to GW2A.
Ensure that you have attached GW2CC at the character selection screen.

GW2A does nothing and I see Failed to load gw2a.pck in the console log, what am I doing wrong?
GW2A needs to be updated, the GW2CC launcher will do this for you on its next relaunch. If this problem persists, please report it in the GW2A support discord.

GW2A does nothing, I’ve relaunched GW2CC and it still does nothing, what am I doing wrong?
In this case, you’re probably not doing something wrong. When GW2A starts up for the first time, it needs to create some folders and download a few images before it starts up. Make sure that the user you are running GW2CC as has write access the folder located at %APPDATA%\gw2cc\plugins\gw2-assist.

Additionally, you should remove all traces of GW2A (typically gw2a.pck or from the launcher plugins folder to allow the GW2CC launcher to download the plugin in the event that something went wrong with automatic updates.

If this problem persists, please report it in the GW2A support discord.

GW2A does not detect all my skills, what am I doing wrong?
GW2A requires that the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. Character is a profession that has [🟢] status, see below for profession support as their status can change over time.
  2. Character specializations have been set.
  3. Character has skills slotted.
  4. Character has at least 1 weapon equipped that is usable by the selected specialization.

GW2A does nothing and I have set the keybinds to toggle assist mode and targeting mode has been set to nearest, what am I doing wrong?
GW2A will do nothing if there is nothing to do, in addition to the above conditions, the following conditions need to be satisfied:

  1. There are skills to cast that are not on cooldown or disabled by a profession mechanic.
  2. A valid target is within combat range, valid includes: Not dead, has a red label above its model and didn’t have a yellow label to begin with.
  3. Depending on selected preferences: Must have line of sight and must be in field of view.

GW2A does not play mini games for me.
GW2A does not support playing mini games or skills not related to your character’s profession. Examples are costume brawls, toys, fishing, mount and gliding skills. GW2A may provide convenience shortcuts for these in future though.

I am playing at a different resolution and GW2A windows have disappeared.
GW2A stores window locations in a configuration file located at %APPDATA%\gw2cc\plugins\gw2a\gw2aconfig.cfg. Either edit this file and change the window positions or delete the file altogether and GW2A will initialize with its defaults. You will need to review your preferences and set them to your liking if you delete the file.

What DPS will I get using GW2A’s built-in combat abilities?
GW2A does not increase DPS, that said: Your mileage may vary here and depending on your build and situation, the playable and acceptable DPS for all professions using METABATTLE builds is over 9,000 (not joking) in the Special Forces Training area with all boons applied to the player. In most cases, DPS will exceed the 9,000 bar by double and in some cases even triple if the build is customized for the situation.

How can I prevent GW2A from using certain skills?
It is possible to disable skills using the custom rotations window found in the GW2A popup menu. The custom rotations window has a tab called GLOBAL SKILL CONFIGURATION and contains a list of skills available to the profession you are playing. Unchecking skills will prevent GW2A from casting those.

How do I integrate with GW2A using its API?
Start GW2CC and using your preferred mode, ensure that GW2A and GW2A-API plugins are activated in the setting window.
Monitor the log for any startup issues.

An example of a custom scripted rotation using the GW2A API can be found here. For a quick fix just to check it out, download this archive and extract it to your plugins folder.

  • Create a plugin as outlined in the GW2CC documentation.
  • Replace your contents with the contents from the linked code.
  • Make sure that GW2A is loaded before the plugin script.
  • After a game restart, GW2CC will preserve your loaded plugin configuration.
  • You will need to disable your plugin and GW2A then enable GW2A after which you can enable your plugin.

The below code sample shows some of the basic functionality available to you using the GW2A-API.

extends PluginButton
var api
func _ready():
	ProjectSettings.load_resource_pack ("plugins/gw2a.pck", false)
	api = load("plugins/gw2a/").new()

	# A check to is_ready() will inform you that GW2A is ready to be used.
	if (api.is_ready()):
		api.get_logger().setLevel(api.LogWriter.Level.Debug)              # Sets debug level logging to the log file and console
		api.get_logger().setContext("My Plugin")                          # Sets the logging context to something that uniquely identifies your plugin or bot
		api.get_logger().info("My plugin is started and using GW2A-API")  # Writes an info level log entry to the log file and console
		api.set_combat_state(true)                                        # Sets combat assist state to enabled
		api.set_targeting_mode(api.TargetingModeEnum.values.Nearest)      # Sets targeting mode to nearest
		api.get_logger().debug("GW2A combat state is %s and targeting mode is [%s] %d." % [ api.get_combat_state(), api.TargetingModeEnum.getName(api.get_targeting_mode()), api.get_targeting_mode() ])
		api.get_logger().info("My plugin failed to start because GW2A is not ready yet...")


is_ready() -> bool Returns true if GW2A is available and the world is loaded and a character is selected. When this is false, executing any actions will result in thrown exceptions. Calling is_ready() before attempting to call any other functionality is recommended.
get_logger() Returns an instance of the GW2A diagnostics logger.
get_combat_state() -> bool Returns a boolean indicating that combat assist is enabled or disabled.
set_combat_state(enabled: bool) Enables or disables combat assist mode.
get_targeting_mode() -> TargetingModeEnum Returns the current targeting mode represented by TargetingModeEnum.
set_targeting_mode(mode: TargetingModeEnum) Sets the current targeting mode, valid values are provided by TargetingModeEnum.
is_only_targeting() -> bool Returns true if GW2A is only used as a targeting engine; otherwise false which indicates GW2A will acquire targets and engage in combat.
set_targeting_only(value: bool) Changes the combat behaviour of GW2A to only acquire targets if true; otherwise false to acquire targets and engage in combat.
get_skillbar(standby: bool = false) -> Dictionary Retrieves the character’s active skill bar. When standby is set to true then the character’s standby weapon skills are returned if the profession supports swapping weapons. See skillbar_ready for more information.
is_in_combat() -> bool Returns true if the character is in combat otherwise false.
is_mounted() -> bool Returns true if the character is mounted otherwise false.
is_gliding() -> bool Returns true if the character is gliding otherwise false.
is_using_jade_bot_drone() -> bool Returns true if the character is using its jade bot drone otherwise false.
is_underwater() -> bool Returns true if the character is under water otherwise false.


world_state_changed(ready: bool) Triggers when the world state changes.
in_combat_changed(in_combat: bool) Triggers when the character’s combat state changes.
mounted_changed(mounted: bool) Triggers when the character’s combat state changes.
gliding_changed(gliding: bool) Triggers when the character starts and stops gliding.
jade_bot_drone(active: bool) Triggers when the character starts and stops using the jade bot drone.
playing_surface_changed(surface: bool, underwater: bool) Triggers when the character starts and stops using the jade bot drone.
skillbar_ready(skillbar, standby) Triggers when the character’s skill bar is ready. skillbar represents the active skillbar with the skill slot as the key and likewise, standby represents the standby weapon skillbar. Each object contains 3 additional properties:

  • id: The skill’s ID. USe this value in conjunction with GW2CC’s built in functionality as required.
  • name: The skill’s name.
  • description: The skill’s description.




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