(Over) frenkey_Teleporter Early Access

Jul 22, 2022

And another release this week! This time an early access version of frenkey_teleporter. This plugin allows you to teleport to various POIs as well as NPCs. Currently working for Core, HoT, and PoF.

Thanks go out to Frenkey for making this plugin available to the public!

Download & Install

Download the frenkey_Teleporter.pck file from below and place it into the plugins folder. Use the cogwheel button in the top menu to open the Settings menu and make sure that frenkey_Teleporter.pck is checked.


  • Added dozens of game markers
  • Added all EOD maps
  • Added Click To Teleport
  • Waypoints now show on any map even if the coords file isn’t added yet.
  • Markers which are grayed out are disabled as they are missing a propper Vector3 position.
  • Distances are now displayed behind the marker name.
  • Added categories for quick filtering.
  • Adjusted the font to match GW2’s font.