the ultimate botting and assist platform for GW2!

Whatever you plan to do in Tyria, gw2cc helps you achieve it!


Explore the unparalleled capabilities of the ultimate botting platform designed for GW2 – gw2cc. Harness the power of its comprehensive API to automate virtually any task, no matter how intricate. Don’t worry if you’re not a developer – gw2cc comes pre-equipped with a Dragon Response Mission bot. Additionally, our community has crafted a variety of bots, including the Fractal bot and Bell Choir bot, all available in our Shop for your gaming pleasure.

Assisted Play

Unlock the full potential of gw2cc’s robust assist tools seamlessly integrated into the original GW2 client. Take your gaming experience to new heights with the built-in GW2 Combat Platform (gw2cp), an innovative system that automates combat for unparalleled efficiency. Utilize the integrated teleporter and map to swiftly navigate the vast world of Tyria, enhancing both your gold and XP acquisition rates. If you crave even more functionality, explore our Shop for a plethora of community-created plugins and tools to further enhance your gaming journey.


gw2cc stands as a fully operational custom client tailored for GW2, boasting the unique capability to operate independently of the official client. This not only enhances stability and provides greater control for botting activities but also results in a substantial reduction in resource usage. With gw2cc, effortlessly managing tens to hundreds of bots on a single machine becomes a remarkably straightforward task. This positions gw2cc as the unparalleled choice for those engaged in large-scale GW2 botting endeavors, offering unparalleled efficiency and control.

A Powerful Assistant

The GW2 Combat Platform (gw2cp) is already included free-of-charge in gw2cc and takes your gameplay to the next level! This powerfull framework completely automates combat for you while you just sit back and relax. gw2cp supports every class and dynamically adjusts to your build and playstyle from level 1 to 80. Want even more DPS? No problem! Just use one of several hand-made profiles for end-game builds made by our community members or create your own (rudimentary coding skills required).

Integrated Teleporter

With the integrated teleporter and map plugin, leveling and world completion was never this easy. Just teleport yourself from waypoint to waypoint or from hero challenge to hero challenge. Using the timer function, you don’t even have to press a button for this. The teleporter can important pre-existing map files from the KX Trainer but also allows you to create your own location files.

A Community Driven Effort

While the core of gw2cc providing low-level interactions with GW2 is closed-source, its client code is completely open source and available on Github. This not only fosters collaboration among community members, but also provides developers with a strong foundation to start working from. This foundation includes, among others, utility and debug tools, a behavior tree system, two example bots, and pre-implemented high level botting routines – all of which can be inspected in detail and used for learning purposes. We actively encourage developers to submit pull requests if they believe their contribution can benefit the community in general!

An Extensive Framework

gw2cc provides the most extensive botting API for GW2. Almost any functionality of the original client has been reversed and can be easily accessed by developers to create bots and plugins. Examples include, among others, navigation and movement, combat and skill usage, item and inventory managment, achievements, and the trading post. However, we work constantly to even further expand the scope of gw2cc’s functionality.

On The Shoulders Of Giants

At its core, gw2cc uses the powerful Godot game engine to provide developers with all the conveniences of modern game engines. Besides a flexible UI system, Godot also comes with a potent object-tree and event system that makes writing bots and plugins a breeze. On top of that, gw2cc uses Godot to completely visualize the state and game world of GW2 in 3D. Developers can use the capabilities as well to create powerful 2D and 3D visualizations which can be embedded directly in the world of GW2.

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