China Open Beta

Jan 29, 2024

We are excited to announce that the open beta for GW2 China support is now live! During this beta, chinese accounts will not have any session limits, allowing players to test gw2cc without paying anything. However, please note that third-party plugins might not yet be compatible.

We are proud to say that the chinese version of gw2cc has feature parity with the EU/NA version. This means that players in china can enjoy the same functionality as those in the rest of the world. Do note however that the autoupdater is not active on any channels other than master. This means that in case of a GW2 update you will have to wait for a manual update.

How to get access

To get access to the beta, simply download the normal gw2cc launcher and switch to the channel “china”. Please do not reuse an existing gw2cc installation. Make sure to select “China” when asked which version of GW2 you want to connect to. You can optionally also select “EU/NA” if you want to potentially also use gw2cc with EU/NA accounts.

The rest of the installation is the same as the normal version of gw2cc so please read the installation instructions! When entering your account info please make sure to select Kongzhong as your login provider.

After installation you can read about the difference between attach mode and standalone mode here.

How to get support

Please use the china-beta forum on the gw2cc discord for all bug reports during the beta. General questions about gw2cc can be asked in the standard gw2cc support channel.

Please note that support will only be provided in english. As we can not moderate chinese, all posts that are not in english will be removed without further notice. Please use translation services such as DeepL or Chat GPT if you are not comfortable with english.

All bug reports need to always include the full logFILE not a screenshot of the console, not text copied from the console. Posts without a full logfile will be deleted without further notice. Crash reports need to additionally also include the crash dump from gw2cc/crash_reports if one is available. If not please mention this in your post!

When reporting bugs and issues be as detailed as possible and include steps to reproduce the issue. Screenshots should always be of the FULL window not only parts of it. You can censor them with the windows snipping tool or paint to remove any sensitive information. Bug reports without any information other than “gw2cc crashes” will be removed without further notice.

Keep in mind that our support capacity is quite limited so before asking for help make sure that nobody else has already asked the same question, that the question is not answered in the FAQ or documentation and that the error message does not already tell you what is wrong.