Status Update

Feb 16, 2024

Presenting our inaugural status update for the year. Although it comes a tad ahead of schedule, we have already released a bunch of new features and feel like this is the right time to give a small status update and outline our roadmap for the coming months.

Attach 2.0

We hit the ground running, launching the Attach 2.0 beta during the first week of 2024, culminating in a full release by the end of January. While encountering a few minor hiccups along the way, the transition to the new attach mode has largely been seamless. This update has empowered gw2cc with greater control over the GW2 client, notably enhancing stability, particularly during map changes.


After the successful launch of Attach 2.0, we immediately pivoted our focus to integrating support for the Chinese version of GW2. Leveraging the myriad of incremental enhancements made to gw2cc throughout 2023, particularly with the introduction of Attach 2.0, we accelerated the process of adding GW2 CN support far beyond our initial projections. As a result, the beta phase is now well underway, progressing at a rapid pace.

The Road Ahead

Let’s now focus on what we have planned for the coming months.


Assuming no unforeseen last-minute hurdles, we’re on track to conclude the China beta by the end of this month. As GW2 CN typically updates after GW2 EU/NA, the ‘china’ channel will stay for the foreseeable future. New features will undergo testing on the ‘develop’ channel before transitioning to ‘master’. When both GW2 CN and GW2 EU/NA share the same build, they’ll be directly merged into the ‘china’ channel. All channels will remain capable of connecting to GW2 CN as long as CN and EU/NA are synchronized in their builds. However, between major updates, only the ‘china’ channel will be fully functional for GW2 CN users.

Given that updates are initially rolled out on EU/NA, the autoupdater will exclusively run for that version. Nonetheless, we’re planning to implement automated merging from ‘master’ to ‘china’ soon, ensuring chinese users receive updates promptly without the need for manual intervention on our part.

Improved Plugins

We are also planning to improve our plugin system. The current iteration is somewhat basic and lacking flexibility. However, our upcoming version will introduce significant improvements. While it may entail some minor breaking changes for existing plugins, the changes will streamline categorization, facilitate a cleaner organization of the plugin folder within user installations, and provide developers with a plethora of new presentation options for their plugins.

Linux Support

While gw2cc compiles just fine on Linux, we’re encountering some hurdles preventing it from running effectively on this platform. However, with Paranaix, our dedicated Linux expert, back in action, we’re optimistic about swiftly addressing these issues. Our goal is to ensure full Linux support for botting, and we’re committed to resolving any obstacles to achieve this.

Physics 2.0

With all other pending tasks resolved, we’re gearing up to commence the physics rewrite project in April. This marks the final significant obstacle in achieving full compatibility with GW2. While it will entail a major overhaul of gw2cc, we anticipate it to be the last substantial change needed. The rewrite is imperative to support features like mounts and moving platforms. Recognizing the scale of this endeavor, we plan to roll out the changes incrementally over the course of a few months to guarantee a seamless transition for our users.

<Language> Support

We recognize that not all our users are comfortable with English. However, regrettably, we currently lack the resources to offer support in other languages. Additionally, legal constraints prevent us from establishing language-specific support channels. Nevertheless, we’re committed to assisting our diverse user base and encourage them to seek support through language-specific community servers. If you’re interested in hosting a language-specific server for gw2cc support, please reach out to us, and we’ll gladly promote it.