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This is a seasonal bot, do not buy it outside of the event season otherwise you will be just donating funds to support Dat and gw2cc…
This bot will auto renew 1 time before it will self cancel the subscription. If you only want 1 month sub be sure to manually cancel the renewal right away.

NOTICE: CN users, this tool may not be fully supported. CN Support is based on CN user reporting and information gathering.

Product Description

This addon will not support combat, that is handled in the DAT-Assist ACRs Advised to use Auto Target + Start Combat + Auto Face  with Nearest or Lowest HP set for targeting style.

Start Patrol: This is your master control.

Patrol: This will walk you around the labyrinth patrolling it to kill targets.

Doors: This will work in conjuction with Patrol to attack and interact with any doors you may come near.

Commander: will follow the commander on the map if they are within range.

The Slider bar will allow you to adjust how close to follow the commander between 0feet and 30feet behind

This addon does NOT support mounts due to gw2cc not supporting mounts at the time of it’s writing.

Feel free to drop by DatsDiscord and donate some love anytime 🙂


10,00  for 1 year

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