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DAT-Condi-Scourge is a high performance profile which aims to keep you on the top of the DPS charts. My testers have been able to achieve 99% benchmark and some have even beaten the current benchmark from snowcrows.

Great for Open World, PvE, Fractals, Raids, Strikes, WvW flipping

PvP addition not included yet, coming soon.

Sold By: Dat


Prepull – This will dump your shades on your position to prep for the start of a boss fight.
Assist – This will start and stop the assist.
Self Heal – This pairs with the slider bar below it. The Assist will use your healing skills (Heal and Barrier) based on this percent. 65 will use heals at 65% Health remaining.
Auto Pet – This controls your pet, summoning your pet as well as using it’s skill on cooldown.
Finisher – This one is really more for PvP and WvW it’ll auto finish anyone within range.
Undeath Revive –  This will use your Undeath signet to revive downed allies within range.
Start Combat – This is basically Bully mode, it’ll auto start fighting things you target. Disable this and the assist won’t attack until you attack or something attacks you.
Auto Target – Auto target pairs with the drop down menu below it “Nearest”, “Lowest HP”, “Highest HP”, “Boss Priority”, “Add priority”. depending on the option selected the assist will target accordingly.

It is highly recommended to setup your specs and skills to mimic the below image, while skill placement doesn’t matter the skills below are the optimal.

You can disable “Undeath Revive” and place anything in it’s place for manual usage, Scorpion or Ghost both work well but Ghost is recommended for PvE content.

If ArenaNet drastically changes the game in anyway which results in this addon no longer being salvageable in it’s use, no refunds will be given and it may result in the addon no longer being supported or updated.

2 reviews for DAT-Condi-Scourge

  1. Diandro Drehkick (verified owner)

    I’m having a great time doing strikes and raids with this. Can keep up with full tryhards and gets me top DPS in normal groups easily. Especially the build being fully ranged with no movement impairing skills makes it a joy to play.

  2. kybershot (verified owner)

    Awesome acr very close to max benchmarks, awesome dev fast response and very engaging with the community.

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