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This is an assisted play addon for Engineers that specializes in taking full advantage of the Elite Mortar Kit. It is very effective for all game content (PvE / PvP / WvW) and provides incredible team-based support, tankiness and DPS.

NOTICE: CN users, this tool may not be fully supported. CN Support is based on CN user reporting and information gathering.

Product Description

This is an assisted play addon for Engineers that specializes in taking full advantage of the Elite Mortar Kit. It is very effective for all game content (PvE / PvP / WvW) and provides incredible team-based support, tankiness and DPS.

Extended Range
-Extend the range of Mortar Shot from 1500 to 2000. -Stand at the back of your zerg in relative safety while raining down mortars on the enemy. -Your mortars will be infused with conditions (poison, chill, burning, etc.) as they pass through friendly fields.

Automatic Targeting
-Apophis can automatically target both Mobs and Players for you. -Mortars can be targeted at the most closely packed enemies (groups) for maximum carnage. -Optionally prioritize downed players or enemies with the lowest health. -Toggle whether or not to ignore line-of-sight (LOS) based on your situation.

Scourge of Siege Equipment -Take out siege equipment (and players) hiding atop walls in WvW. -Although the arc of the mortar is fixed, careful positioning of the player can easily work around walls.

Rapid Fire & Boons Boons Boons -Apophis cancels skill animations resulting in impossibly fast casting times. -Geared with appropriate concentration stats you’ll have almost all buffs up all the time. -With 100% Quickness up-time paired with animation cancelling, you’ll be ruling the battlefield.

Water Combat and Downed Fighting The grenade kit and bomb kit is used for effective water combat. Downed skills are used to try and rally.

Guild Banner Boost and Automatic Repairs Running by a guild banner will automatically use it. Running up to a repair vendor in WvW will automatically reinforce armor.

Optional Hacks -No Gravity -Anti AFK -Speed hack at 25% and everyone will assume you’ve got the Mecha Legs trait, or go with 33% Swiftness speed or 50% Super Speed.

Moa Bird Fighting If you get turned into a Moa Bird in PvP, Apophis will still put up a good fight while transformed.

**Supported Skills:**
Although there are some recommended builds, feel free to use the following skills with any combination of stats you like.
Some skills require specific traits, where specifically noted.

– Hammer (All Skills)
– Pistol [Primary] Shield [Secondary] (Requires Inventions \ Over Shield Trait)
– Elite Mortar Kit / Orbital Strike
– Supply Crate / Med Pack Drop
– Elixir B / Toss Elixir B (Requires Alchemy / Human Growth Hormone Trait)
– Elixir U / Toss Elixir U (Requires Alchemy / Human Growth Hormone Trait)
– Elixir C / Toss Elixir C (Requires Alchemy / Human Growth Hormone Trait)
– Elixir H / Toss Elixir H (Requires Alchemy / Human Growth Hormone Trait)
– Elixir R / Toss Elixir R
– Med Kit / Bandage Self
– Bomb Kit / Big ol’ Bomb
– Elixir Gun / Healing Mist
– Flamethrower / Incendiary Ammo
– Medic Gyro / Reconstruction Field
– Healing Turret / Detonate Healing Turret / Regenerating Mist
– Blast Gyro / Bypass Coating
– Shredder Gyro / Spare Capacitor
– Purge Gyro / Chemical Field
– Bulwark Gyro / Defense Field
– A.E.D. / Static Shock (Requires Tools / Gadgeteer Trait)
– Throw Mine / Mine Field (Requires Tools / Gadgeteer Trait)
– Personal Battering Ram / Launch Personal Battering Ram (Requires Tools / Gadgeteer Trait)
– Grenade Kit / Grenade Barrage (REQUIRED for underwater fighting.)
– Rifle and Pistol

Special Note:
– Mech & HoloSmith is NOT supported currently. (No Sword skills / Heat management)
– Apophis uses the Grenade Kit and Bomb Kit for underwater fighting. Please make sure they’re available in your underwater skills lineup.

All of this is subject to change as I improve the addon in the future.

Apophis can run many many builds but below are some recommended ones.

**PvE/WvW Builds & Advice**
The following are the current recommended builds.
Mortar + Elixirs (Long range.)
Mortar + Gyros (Tanky 100% critical build.)
Flamethrower (Higher DPS w/100% Stability up-time.)

**Additional WvW Build Options**
Mortar + Elixirs (Long range. Tanky w/3000+ Power, Permanent Quickness and Bleeds/Cripples.)
MedKit (Maximum healing power!)

Stat Priority
I typically recommend prioritizing the following stats for solo play.
– Concentration (Caps at 100% buff duration)
– Power
– Precision

The 100% boon duration increase will allow you to keep up almost all boons all the time while in combat.
The +Power and +Precision help Scrappers achieve “bruiser tank” status by maintaining very high barriers.
I highly recommend Diviner’s gear until you’re able to hit 100% boon duration, then start subbing in Berserker’s when you’re significantly over the cap.

**PvP Builds & Advice**
The following are the current recommended builds.
PvP Flamethrower Juggernaut
PvP Mortar Fury

**Alternate Disable-Focused Builds.**
PvP Hammer Disable / Alchemy
PvP Hammer Disable / Inventions

I do not claim to be the original coder of this project. I have recreated it and adapted it, improved upon it and tribute it’s creation to the hard work of the original creator Aardvark whom without them the idea for this would have never existed.

If ArenaNet drastically changes the game in anyway which results in this addon no longer being salvageable in it’s use, no refunds will be given and it may result in the addon no longer being supported or updated.

40,00  every 6 years with a 3-day free trial

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2 reviews for DAT-Apophis (Scrapper)

  1. meerkat (verified owner)

    Incredible ACR. Doing things I didn’t even know Engy could do and I’ve been playing it since launch.

    My performance with mortar kit and this ACR is actually better, and safer, than using Mechanist after nerf.

    10/10 I will be back to buy the rest of the modules.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this ACR, its a favorite next to the inventory QOL. Dat really supports his stuff and if you have ideas that can make them better he’s always willing to listen and see if he can implement.

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