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Sold By: Dat


Assist – This will start and stop the assist.
Self Heal – This pairs with the slider bar below it. The Assist will use your healing skills based on this percent. 65 will use heals at 65% Health remaining, recommended extremely low since heal is used as part of the dps rotation.
Auto Blades – This controls your Profession skills and shatter skills.
Finisher – This one is really more for PvP and WvW it’ll auto finish anyone within range.
Start Combat – This is basically Bully mode, it’ll auto start fighting things you target. Disable this and the assist won’t attack until you attack or something attacks you.
Auto Target – Auto target pairs with the drop down menu below it “Nearest”, “Lowest HP”, “Highest HP”, “Boss Priority”, “Add priority”. depending on the option selected the assist will target accordingly.

Elite Skill – enables the usage of your elite skill 1000 cuts

Be sure to have Auto Attack enabled on your first weapon slot.

Build based on Snowcrow power virtuoso

Pulling 95.4%+ benchmark on average


If ArenaNet drastically changes the game in anyway which results in this addon no longer being salvageable in it’s use, no refunds will be given and it may result in the addon no longer being supported or updated.


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