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Select and Enter: This is the master control for the lobby actions, including Open Encryptions, without it checked nothing will happen.

Auto Fractals: This is the master control for the actions within the fractal itself.

Leader Mode: With Leader mode checked the bot will run as the party’s leader (leader prompts all actions, opening, setting fractal level, starting fractal, starting dialogue, exiting fractal)

Mistlocks: Singularity Option: if checked player will teleport to the singularity and interact after entering the fractal and after returning to the start before engaging in the fight again. Don’t check this if you don’t have the mastery!

Auto Loot: this will open the chests at the end of the fractal.

Auto Potion: This will check for Fractal potions and use them automatically this includes offensive defensive mobility and even inquest slaying potions.

Open Encryptions: This function is a lobby only action and when in lobby with Select and enter checked it will move to the NPC, buy keys, Open Fractal chests, and sell junk (make sure you have open space in your inventory 🙂 haha)

Auto Enter Lobby: This function only works in Lions Arch and will move you to the lobby and enter the fractal lobby.

If outside of the entrance in Lions Arch, it will enter fractals. Leader then sets fractal level from the LevelSelect box (only Uncategorized is supported currently). Leader then moves to the center and starts fractal vote.

Teleport to Singularity if Singularity Option is true
Teleport to boss from start or after grabbing singularity.

If dead, it will teleport back to checkpoint and then back into the arena and continue the fight.

At the end it will auto loot the area and open the end chest before leaving.

The setup is very particular due to the onslaught of agony attacks with low AR characters you will need a particular build 2+ Scourges and a Healbrand. Wall of Reflection and Corrosive Poison Cloud are MANDATORY for low AR builds.

I run my team with 3scourges 1Power-alac-Mech and 1HQB all with 0 AR except 1scourge and Power-alac-Mech.

I highly recommend you cap your ingame settings to be the same as your monitor refresh rate if running 3 or more accounts on 1 system.

For additional info or stock requests check the DatHacksGaming Discord

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