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NOTICE: CN users, this tool may not be fully supported. CN Support is based on CN user reporting and information gathering.

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Features of Teleporter:

Full List (Left side Top button): Will display the full list of all teleports in this area.

The Check will enable and disable the Auto Refresh function. Auto refresh will run every 5 seconds.

Poi’s -> Waypoints -> Vista’s > Mastery > Hero Points will always populate first
from there it will find the remaining markers around the map and create teleports to them. Events, Commanders, Mentors, Hearts, etc.

Base Teleporter
– Page button is the show all
– The Checkmark will change from :check: to :no_entry_sign: to let you know if auto refresh is On or Off
– Each button below there is a Type button. It’ll show you all the items of that type and will only appear if there is one of those items in the map.

Top section (left to right)
– Mouse cursor is a Teleport to mouse function
– The group icon is a teleport to player option which will show any player within range roughly 6000 distance, Party members are immune to the distance check and will show up anywhere as long as they are on the same map as you.
– The single person icon will show you any Characters and Gadgets within range
– Resource Mode, will show only things classified as resources.
– KXA is a KX teleport shell which allows for creating your own files, and locations as well as works with the built in KXAssist
– – You will want to download the `Maps` folder from here <https://github.com/Krixx1337/KX-Maps> This folder should be placed in your %appdata%/gw2cc folder.

if you use gw2launcher (by Helix) then you’ll need to put it in your %appdata%/gw2launcher/data/FOLDER OF YOUR ACCOUNT/AppData/Roaming/gw2cc for example my dev account is number 14 in my gw2launcher folder so my path is like this

KXAssist has been integrated into this teleporter as well. You will fine the `Enable KXAssist` `Auto Gather` and `Auto Attunement` options inside the KXA tab.

– Click to Teleport
– Previous Location
– Next Location

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