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DAT-Harbinger is a high performance profile which aims to keep you on the top of the DPS charts.

Great tool for PvP, PvE, WvW, Fractals, Raids, Strikes

Requires level 60+

NOTICE: CN users, this tool may not be fully supported. CN Support is based on CN user reporting and information gathering.

Product Description

ALHAZRED (Necromancer / Harbinger Combat Routine)
PvP / WvW / PvE
This is a combat addon for Necromancers, and Habringers

It supports the following Benchmark builds from Snowcrow: – Condi Harbinger
– Condi Quick Harbinger

Key Features
Sand Shade Tracking – Habringer knows where all your Sand Shades are, and makes intelligent skill decisions based upon their placement.
Minion Tracking – Habringer keeps track of your minion army and uses their skills effectively based upon their distance and line-of-sight to your target.
Guild Banner Boost and Automatic Repairs – When using it with D.A.T. Running by a guild banner will automatically use it.
Optional Hacks – When using it with D.A.T. Speed hack at +25% and everyone will assume you’ve got the Quickening Thirst trait, or hack around with +33% Swiftness speed or 100~400% Super Speed.
Moa Bird Fighting – If you get turned into a Moa Bird in PvP, Alhazred will still put up a good fight while transformed.
Supported Builds (PvE & WvW)

Core Necromancer
Core Necro + Minions
Some Notes for general usage
Predictive Aim:
– Predictive Aim does NOT respect Ignore Distance, it will over ride it for anything that is an AoE and require a set distance.

– Predictive Aim is designed for PvP, it can and will cause you problems in PvE for example any floating targets like the Froze Ice crystals in Snow Blind. it is not advised to use this setting in

For additional resources and information please be sure to stop by our discord at discord.gg/datgw2gaming

note: All sales are final and no refunds will be offered. Support for the plugin may be discontinued if ArenaNet changes the game in a way that would cause this plugins functionality to cease to work.

35,00  every 6 years with a 2-day free trial

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