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The Dragon-Responder-Extended Bot automatically completes various Dragon-Response-Missions. The loot mainly consists of Materials and Tyrian Defense Seals. All missions are completed with 2/3 Challanges to maximize loot. You can check the current expected GPH here: Dragon-Response-Mission-Farming

Product Description

Welcome to Dragon-Responder-Extended, this bot is designed to automagically run Dragon-Response-Missions. Its main goal is to make a lot of gold, however it also generates a nice flow of Spirit Shards and Karma. You get on average 24 Tyrian Defense Seals per run, which can either be converted to Gold or to unlock skins and crafting Recipes.

So what does it do?

  • It is currently able to successfully complete the following Missions with 2 active Challanges and all 3 Moral boosts:
    • Brisban Wildlands
    • Fields of Ruin
    • Lake Doric
    • Bloodtide coast
  • It will sell Trophies to Tactician Erlandson in Eye of the North
  • It will buy Supplyboxes if you reach a set Treshold of Tyrian Defense Seals
  • It will grab the Reinforced Armor Buff in Eye of the North
  • It will stop and return to Character Selection (attached mode) or exit gw2cc (standalone) if your Inventory is full
  • It can be used on all Classes and Builds (Power Reaper recommanded)
  • It can log every Drop, Chat message, Stage and much more to the StatService

Why should i choose this over the free version?

  • Run times are nearly 50% faster -> nearly twice the gold per hour
  • More maps, more variation
  • Map timeout to automatically recover from broken missions
  • A load of optimizations to combat, movement, and more
  • Detailed persistant statistics
  • Automated Supplybox purchases



  • Select the maps you want to run with your desired percentage
  • Boon override will consider this map to refresh the Dragon Boon, even if it has 0% Weight
  • Toggle to use GW2CP or your own ACR as Combat Service
  • Enhanced debug logging, if you run into issues
  • Toggle to save detailed statistics to the StatService
  • Set a Map Timeout to make sure your bot wont be stuck in a bugged mission
  • Choose to automatically buy Supplyboxes when a certain Treshold of Defense Seals is reached



  1. Unlock Dragon Response Missions
  2. Travel to Eye of the North
  3. If you are NOT using GW2CP, make sure your custom ACRs targeting is disabled
  4. If possible level your Dragon Slayer Mastery as it increases your loot AND speeds up your runs


15,00  / month with a 2-day free trial

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3 reviews for Dragon-Responder-Extended

  1. chrisxr11 (verified owner)

    Very clean very smooth very well done bot, farm up major resources and make heaps of gold in a hurry, top notch tools as always!

  2. chrisxr11 (verified owner)

    Superb Bot,Nicely crafted ,very solid overall, nice ability to add variety in which levels it runs throwing in randomness to keep your cover, I was sitting in loads of gold more than I started with on just a single account ,big Rep.

    Very fast start up time for those interested in getting the ball rolling, check discord to reqs.

  3. skolliosis (verified owner)

    15-20gp/h (potentially more)

    an easy to setup bot due to how accessible (to a fresh lvl 80 character) the content it automates is

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