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Lamplighter Bot

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The Lamplighter Bot automatically completes the quest Light these Streets in New Kaineng City over and over again.  The bot can earn up to 20-30 gold per hour by selling the received rewards on the Trading Post!

Product Description

The Lamplighter bot repeatedly completes the quest Light these Streets in New Kainend City. This quest requires the player to light 43 lanterns distributed all across the map. The bot does this completely autonomously and much faster than a regular player using teleportation.

Upon completion, the player receives a Gift of New Kaineng City, that includes one Lamplighter’s Badge as well as one piece of exotic equipment.

By selling the badges and equipment at the Trading Post for approximately 1.25g at the time of writing, the bot can achieve up to 20 to 30 gold per hour! This means 480g to 720g per day if you were to run the bot 24/7!

Warning: This bot uses teleportation to move between lamps and batteries!

Limited Availability

Since the profitability of this bot is mainly dependent on the prices on the Trading Post, only a limited number of seats are available. Additionally, a small monthly subscription has to be paid. This is done, to prevent people from taking seats and then not using the bot.

We encourage everybody using the bot to not overly aggressively sell acquired rewards. I.e. instead of selling everything all at once to buy orders, slowly sell acquired rewards over a longer time horizon using sell orders. Also, consider selling on Overflow.

Depending on how the market develops, we might decide to make more slots available to the public in the future.

  • A character that has completed New Kaineng City
  • Free inventory space for collected rewards.
  • An active gw2cc license.

To install the bot, simply unpack the zip file and put the contained lamplighter.pck into the “bots” folder of your gw2cc installation.

Running the bot
  1. Before starting the bot, make sure that your character is currently in New Kaineng City and has completed the map.
  2. Start gw2cc and log into your account. (Important: Don’t use the attached mode)
  3. Select lampligther.pck from the list of bots and then press Start. If lampligther.pck does not appear in the list, make sure that you installed the bot correctly.
  4. In the now appearing configuration screen, optionally adjust any settings, then hit Start again.
  5. Select the character you want to use and press Enter.

After completing the achievement, the bot will automatically collect the rewards, relog the character, and start the quest again.


If your internet connection is slow, it might be necessary to adjust the default settings, right before the character selection appears.

  • Teleport delay controls the wait time between individual teleports. Increase it if your internet is slow
  • Restart delay controls the wait time between completing the quest and starting it anew. Increase it if your internet is slow.

5,00  / month and a 35,00  sign-up fee

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1 review for Lamplighter Bot

  1. Benjay (verified owner)

    Bot does exactly what it says.
    The only difference: People destroyed the market within two days, so “80-90gph” is incredibly far from the truth.

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