Blunderbuss Joins the gw2cc Team!

We are thrilled to announce that Blunderbuss is joining the core gw2cc team as official plugin developer! With Blunderbuss on board, we are confident that we will be able to create an exceptional combat system and user experience for you that will take our platform to new heights.

Starting with the upcoming Godot 4 release, GW2A will be rebranded as gw2cp (GW2 Combat Platform), and will seamlessly integrate into gw2cc (without extra fees!). This integration will provide both users and developers with a means to fully automate combat, and we can not wait to see the many new bots powered by gw2cp in the future.

Until then, the currently existing GW2A plugin for Godot 3.5 will be made entirely free for everyone to use. While your existing GW2A subscription should have been automatically cancelled for you, it is paramount that you verify this. You can do so by going to Account -> My Subscription.

Blunderbuss will also help with overhauling some of our existing example plugins to make them more user-friendly and will assist in maintaining our open-source repository. This will allow us to focus more on the core functionality of gw2cc, while users can look forward to a more polished experience.

We are confident that Blunderbuss’s wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to the table will be an invaluable contribution to the development of gw2cc. We are excited about what the future holds for gw2cc and gw2cp as an integral component of it, and look forward to share our progress with you in the coming months.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,
The gw2cc Team

A Word From Blunderbuss Himself

For a long time many have asked about core combat functionality in gw2cc only to be met with the surprise that it has to be purchased one way or another or self developed. I started working on GW2A during the gw2co times and to the month, one year has passed since then and while talks about making GW2A open source and part of gw2cc’s core started way back then, it never gained any momentum, until now…

This statement comes after the fact with the announcement already been made, however: I hope that you all benefit from this change as it was intended to do. Work on porting GW2A to gw2cp (GW2 Combat Platform) is being done for release with gw2cc’s upgrade to Godot 4.0 as an open source plugin that enrich gw2cc’s existing functionality with a more abstract experience for those wanting to take advantage of combat capabilities in their plugins and providing new gw2cc users with combat capabilities right out of the box.

GW2A and its only ACR are now considered as end of life and will eventually stop working when gw2cc discontinues support for Godot 3.5. The only ACR will become an open source plugin as an example of how to write your own combat plugin using the combat platform. As of now, they are both free of charge while we work away at making Godot 4.0 stable which is making very good progress. Discord will remain open until that time and I’ll be moving back to the gw2cc discord for future engagements. There is still a long road ahead of us and those that are beta testing the Godot 4.0 version of gw2cc can already start checking out the new functionality gw2cp brings to gw2cc.

Finally, I’d like to thank you all for your support for GW2A’s development and hope that this change will be met with the reaction we intended for you all.


(Over) GW2-Assist Preview Release

GW2A provides assisted combat using any build. That means that it will automatically fight for you, no matter what skills you have equipped.

Download & Install

Download the zip file file from below and unpack gw2a.pck your plugins folder.

Using the cog wheel button in the top menu, load gw2a.pck from the list by ensuring it is checked.

Adjust keybinds as required using the keybind setup tool in the settings window.

Updated: 27/07/2022

Bug fixes
– Fixed an issue where the reward collector service would become idle even though it was enabled in the preferences window.
– Fixed an issue with the preferences window being transparent on startup.
– Fixed an issue with world boss type targets would crash the game or cause GW2A to become unresponsive.

Features & Improvements
– A new immersive experience has been added to GW2A , you can toggle this in the preferences window using the UI combo box.
– GW2A will now try to configure an initial attack for maximum damage.
– If a character is stunned, GW2A will attempt to stun break if such a skill is equipped.
– Combat efficiency has been improved at longer ranges.

Previous updates
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes cause gw2a to stop working if it was trying to cast a profession skill that hasn’t been loaded yet.
  • Fixed a crash if a player rapidly cycles through equipment like rapidly flipping through the build templates tabs while equipment is being detected.
  • Willbenders won’t be confused with Firebrands anymore.
  • Internal services now try to panic and unload gw2a if something goes wrong.
  • Players can now change the log detail level using the preferences window. It is set to warning by default.
  • Underwater assisted combat remains disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where skills with a long cast duration were interrupted.
  • Added an option in the preferences window to disable line of sight checks.
  • Targeting will be less aggressive under busy conditions such as meta events to the extent that it may not select targets at all, this is intended until targeting can be optimized.
  • Removed largest group targeting mode until it can be optimized so that players don’t accidentally toggle into this mode under busy conditions.
  • The built-in target indicator has been removed, it is no longer needed.
  • Temporarily disabled combat assist underwater to root cause a crash.
  • Fixed a crash when a character has nothing equipped.
  • Combat assist status indicator now turns orange when assist mode is unable to perform any tasks or has nothing to do.
  • Added a swap weapons setting to the preferences window.
  • Fixed a quirky targeting issue when the player selected a target and assist is toggled off and then toggled on.
  • Most classes should have their profession skills detected.
  • A basic profession combat skill selector has now been implemented for all professions.
  • Fixed an issue with any service that needed environmental information causing a crash in busy or populated areas.
  • Physics processing tasks have been significantly improved which was found to be contributing to unexpected crashes in busy or populated areas.
  • Virtuoso basic combat has been implemented.
  • Chronomancer basic combat has been implemented.
  • Mirage basic combat has been implemented.
  • Core mesmer basic combat has been implemented.
  • Skill casting reliability has been significantly improved, less skills are being automatically blacklisted.

What should you expect?

  • A popup menu that will give you access to the skill visualizer, a preferences window to adjust settings, and two indicators on the plugin button for combat and targeting status.
  • Key bind for combat assist toggle.
  • Key bind to cycle targeting mode.
  • The skill visualizer demonstrates GW2A’s ability to detect skills. Note that not all skills are currently being detected. You may also press the skills in this window to test them being cast.
  • Basic combat routines for skills that are being reliably detected. Very basic, you’re not going to impress anyone yet. Look at profession support to understand which professions may work better than others.

Supported Professions

The below list gives an overview of what is currently supported:

[🟡] RANGER       [🟡] DRUID        [🟡] SOULBEAST    [🟡] UNTAMED
[🔴] THIEF        [⚫] DAREDEVIL    [⚫] DEADEYE      [⚫] SPECTER
[🟡] REVENANT     [🟡] HERALD       [🟡] RENEGADE     [🟡] VINDICATOR


Known Issues?

  • Some skills may be visible in the visualizer but will not be cast during combat, these are not implemented.
  • The skill visualizer may take some time to show on the first load due to it collecting the skill images from the render service.
  • Windows may appear to be quite large when they are shown for the first time, resize them to your needs and they will retain their position and size.
  • Largest cluster targeting is mostly laggy and unreliable.

(Over) DAT-Condi-Virtuoso Weekend Trial

Starting from today, Mesmer Players can try DatAccount’s Condi-Virtuoso rotation script for free until the end of Sunday. The script automates combat for the Condition Virtuoso build and hits 93% benchmark. Thanks to DatAccount for sharing his work and making this trial available!

Download and Install

A guide video explaining how to activate the plugin

Simply download the .pck file from below and place it in your Plugins folder. Start gw2cc and activate the plugin in the Settings menu and you are ready to go.


Make sure that you have Dagger/Sword equipped as top weapon set, and Dagger/Focus as bottom weapon set!


(Over) DAT-Condi-Scourge Can Be Tried for Free Over the Weekend

DatAccount is on it again with a free trial of his Condition Scourge rotation script! After last weekend Engineer players were already able to test his Scrapper script, this weekend all the Necromancers among you can test his Condi-Scourge script for free.

Achieving a whooping 96% benchmarks, this plugin completely automates combat for the Condition Scourge build (see below for details). The only thing you need to do is to move your character while the scripts eliminates enemy after enemy.

Many thanks to DatAccount for making his plugin available!

Download and Install

Guide video showing how to activate the plugin (no sound). Hold right-click to move the top menu.

Simply download the .pck file from below and place it in your Plugins folder. Start gw2cc and activate the plugin in the Settings menu and you are ready to go.


Condition Scourge Build. Setup your traits and skills as shown.

For details, checkout the corresponding page on Snowcrows.