Updated Priorities

As the feature freeze comes to a close, we’d like to extend our sincerest apologies for the extended downtimes experienced during this period. It seems the ghosts of Tyria decided to play some tricks during the feature freeze, causing unexpected hiccups. But now, it’s time for a treat as we unveil our reprioritized development efforts. Without further ado, let’s delve into the exciting plans we have in store for gw2cc.

Priority 1: Redesigning Attach Mode

Our first and foremost priority is to give Attach Mode the makeover it truly deserves. Attach Mode was not initially in our plans, and its current implementation is quite crude and unstable. You might have noticed some transparency issues cropping up, especially with recent GPU driver updates. Fear not, for we’re determined to address this issue comprehensively.

Our development team is committed to redesigning Attach Mode from the ground up, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone. As part of this revamp, we’re also exploring the addition of Vulkan to DX11 rendering, aiming to harness the latest in graphics technology.

However, it’s important to note that this redesign might require you to start GW2 through gw2cc, as there are some issues with delaying attaching until character selection. We’re aware that change can be a bit spooky, so if you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to voice them.

Improved Installation Process

In the spirit of making your gw2cc experience as smooth as a crisp autumn breeze, we’re committed to overhauling the installation process. Let’s face it, the current procedure has been a bit like navigating a haunted maze, and it’s high time we simplified things for you. Our primary goal is to streamline the installation process, addressing those pesky pain points that have been haunting players, especially when it comes to symlinking. The new installation process will be not only more user-friendly but also more robust, ensuring that you have a stable platform to venture into Tyria.

China Support (Beta)

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As the winds of change continue to blow across Tyria, we’ve been closely monitoring the increasing demand for supporting GW2 CN. We’re excited to announce that most of the roadblocks that previously stood in our way have now been cleared, and we’re actively working on beta support for our friends in China.

However, it’s important to note that, for the time being, our primary focus will remain on the EU and NA regions. We want to ensure that our existing user base continues to enjoy a top-notch experience. Rest assured, our commitment to supporting the GW2 CN community is strong, and we’re taking measured steps to ensure a smooth transition.

While we’re making strides to accommodate the GW2 CN player base, it’s crucial to mention that we won’t be able to provide support for China-exclusive features. We don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade or steal anyone’s “red envelopes,” but our priority remains to provide a consistent experience for all our players while avoiding any unforeseen surprises.

Last but not least: Physics Rewrite

Sometimes, even the most experienced adventurers find themselves in territory more challenging than expected, and our physics rewrite is no exception. What was initially anticipated as a straightforward task has turned out to be quite a bit more challenging.

To address this challenge, we’re preparing for a major overhaul of all agent functionality. This is no small feat and will require a significant effort from our development team. But worry not, as the development of this critical feature will soon be back on track.

We value your insights and expertise, which is why extensive beta testing will be a key part of this process. We’ll be especially looking to script developers for their feedback to ensure that this overhaul aligns with your needs.

In the end, this endeavor will lead to a more consistent experience. As part of this, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be fully moving the gameplay mechanics to GDScript, simplifying future development, and enabling the community to contribute.

Final thoughts

Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

As we move forward, your input and support will continue to be invaluable. Your feedback and engagement are what make gw2cc thrive, and we’re eager to have you along for the journey.

Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community, and here’s to a future filled with epic adventures, thrilling challenges, and unforgettable moments in Tyria. Happy gaming, and stay tuned for more updates from gw2cc!


Status Update

Well, we kind of skipped the half-year update. Time has flown by, and it’s now more of a 3/4-year update! Nonetheless, with the recent release of a new GW2 expansion, we couldn’t think of a better moment to share our progress with you.

Feature Freeze

As we’ve already discussed on Discord, gw2cc will be undergoing a feature freeze starting from September 15th and continuing until October 31st. You might be wondering, what exactly does this entail?

Why the Freeze?

The decision to implement a feature freeze stems from the reality of our busy lives and schedules. During this period, many of our dedicated team members won’t have the availability to actively introduce new features to the gw2cc core. We understand that real-life commitments can take precedence, and it’s only natural that our team members need some breathing space.

Ensuring Smooth Sailing: GW2 Updates

But don’t fret! Even during this feature freeze, we remain committed to keeping gw2cc in sync with the latest GW2 updates. Much of this will ideally be handled seamlessly through the auto-updater, ensuring that you have (mostly) uninterrupted access to gw2cc.

gw2cp development not affected

While the core of gw2cc will not be receiving any new features during this period. gw2cp development will continue unaffected!

Implementation Progress – The gw2cc Odyssey

As we sail through the ever-expansive seas of gw2cc development, it’s important to acknowledge both our achievements and the path ahead. While there’s still work to be done to achieve feature parity with GW2, including the absence of major components like mounts and ongoing adjustments to physics handling, we’ve made significant strides in reverse-engineering the intricacies of the GW2 client.

Cracking the Code: Reverse-Engineering Network Messages

One of our major endeavors has been the reverse-engineering of approximately 700 out of the roughly 1700 network messages theoretically present in the client. Now, you might wonder if we’re only halfway there, are we making significant progress? The answer is a resounding yes! Many of these messages are either unused or irrelevant for gw2cc’s functionality, such as messages affecting weather and lighting effects or controlling NPC background chatter.

Screenshot of our internal network analyzer tool

Out of the 35 relevant message categories, we’ve already fully implemented 22 and partially implemented another 3. Additionally, we’ve introduced a total of 52 managers into gw2cc, with 2 more nearing completion. We’re excited to inform you that there are 11 important managers on our roadmap, set to be added in the future.

Unlocking the Data Vault: GW2.dat Mastery

On the data front, we’re thrilled to announce that gw2cc is now the sole third-party application capable of fully deciphering the GW2.dat file. While we possess the essential knowledge to read and understand every file within the dat, gw2cc currently utilizes this capability for textures, strings, paged images, maps, and content chunk files (defs). Our immediate focus lies on adding support for reading animation sequences, a crucial element for obtaining precise skill timing information. The content defs we’ve already implemented provide gw2cc with a wealth of detailed information, surpassing what can be found on the wiki or through the official GW2 API.

The Big Picture: 70% Complete

Summing it all up, we gauge gw2cc’s progress at approximately 70% completion in terms of support for interaction with the official game servers. While we’re not yet at the finish line, the journey so far has been incredibly rewarding. We’re grateful for your continued support and enthusiasm as we move forward, determined to make gw2cc the ultimate companion for your GW2 adventures.

GW2 Combat Platform (gw2cp) – A Journey of Growth

Six months have passed since the initial release of GW2 Combat Platform (gw2cp), and it’s been quite a journey. We started with a few bumps in the road, but with the invaluable engagement of our community, we’ve made over 2,000 changes to enhance the platform’s stability. This is pivotal in ensuring that players have a seamless combat experience right out of the box while also providing the flexibility to tailor gw2cp’s combat behavior to their unique preferences.

Community-Driven Evolution: Scripting Combat Routines

One of the primary objectives behind gw2cp has been to facilitate combat profile sharing and delivery. Remarkably, several community members have dedicated themselves to mastering the intricacies of scripting their own combat routines, yielding impressive results. You can discover these user-generated profiles on gw2cc’s dedicated gw2cp support Discord channel. These publicly shared profiles are gaining momentum as their developers become more proficient with GDScript and gw2cp’s combat framework

Towards a Promising Future: Skill Editing and Expanded Framework

As we look ahead, the focus for gw2cp’s future will pivot towards skill editing, providing players with powerful tools to accomplish their objectives more efficiently. Simultaneously, we’re expanding the combat scripting framework to make customization quicker and easier than ever before. We’re also excited to announce that we have new built-in combat behaviors in the works, catering to professions that have long-awaited expanded weapon capabilities since the release of SotO.

A Continual Journey: Adapting to Player Needs

Our work on gw2cp will continue well into the future as we adapt to the evolving needs of our players and the ever-changing game environment. Remember, gw2cp is open source, which means anyone can contribute to its development. While there’s no charge for using gw2cp, the most valuable contribution we can receive is your active engagement on our community Discord. We extend an open invitation to all players to participate and contribute to the ongoing growth of gw2cp.


Godot 4

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Godot4 version of gw2cc! This new release includes exciting updates and improvements that we are confident will elevate your experience.

Batteries Included

The Godot4 version of gw2cc comes with a significant improvement: the integration of gw2cp, a rewrite of gw2a that now serves as a core component of the default gw2cc configuration. This change means that you now have a high-performance ACR built into the platform, without requiring additional plugins.

The benefits of gw2cp are not limited to players, however. ACR developers will find it easier than ever to create ACR using gw2cp’s high-level interface to interact with the skill bar. Furthermore, bot development is now simpler since combat behavior no longer requires manual implementation.

Overall, gw2cp is a game-changer for gw2cc. Its integration is a testament to our commitment to improving the experience and making it easier for developers and players alike. We hope you enjoy this exciting addition to gw2cc and look forward to your feedback.

GW2 API Be Gone

We have recently made the decision to switch entirely to using GW2.dat files to retrieve content data, due to various issues with the official GW2 API. We believe that this change will greatly improve the update experience, particularly after larger GW2 updates, as it speeds up the process and reduces the chances of any issues arising.

However, we do want to acknowledge that this change has its downsides as well. One of the main challenges we are facing is that it is now more difficult to automatically update to new GW2 versions. As a result, you may encounter issues with the auto-updater failing more frequently during the first update in each GW2 update chain.

We want to assure you that we are working hard to address these issues and make the auto-updater more reliable. We apologize for any inconvenience that these temporary disruptions may cause, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve the overall update experience.

Improved Launcher

In addition to the changes in the platform itself, we are excited to announce that the launcher has also undergone significant improvements. We have worked hard to make it more reliable and user-friendly, with the goal of enhancing your overall experience with gw2cc.

One of the most notable changes is that the launcher now offers the ability to select different update channels, catering to those who want to be early adopters of new features and improvements. We understand that many of our players are eager to try out new content as soon as it becomes available, and this feature makes that possible.

We will be providing more information on how to select different update channels at a later date, so please stay tuned for updates. We do want to emphasize, however, that support for channels other than the default master channel will be limited. We encourage users to use caution when selecting a different channel, as doing so may result in unexpected behavior or issues.

Improved Performance

One of the most exciting aspects of the Godot4 version is the significant improvements in rendering performance. While we are still in the process of fully utilizing all of the available features, gw2cc already benefits from automatic mesh LOD and the new Vulkan-based renderer.

Another important new feature is the fully headless mode, which allows gw2cc to run without any GPU available via the --headless command line switch. This is particularly useful if you plan to run multiple bots on the same machine.

Furthermore, players who have multiple GPUs can now explicitly specify the GPU used by gw2cc via the --gpu-index command line. This can help to further optimize the game’s performance and ensure that it runs smoothly on a variety of different hardware configurations.

How to Update

If you already have a running installation of gw2cc, you can try simply starting the launcher (as admin). The launcher will attempt to delete all files from the old version and then download the new launcher. However, please note that this process may encounter some issues. If you encounter any issues during the update, please proceed with the next step.

If you do not have a running installation of gw2cc, or if the automatic update failed, please delete the entire gw2cc folder, except for the settings.cfg and gw2cc.cfg files. Additionally, please delete the %APPDATA%/gw2cc folder to remove any old plugin data. Afterward, download the new launcher from your account page and simply run it in the folder where you want to install gw2cc. Just like with the old launcher, please make sure that the folder where you are executing the launcher is writable.

We hope that this update process will be smooth for all of our players, but if you encounter any issues or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask for help in our support channel.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all of our supporters who have been with us throughout the development process of the Godot4 version of gw2cc. We could not have reached this point without your support and feedback.

We are particularly grateful to the developers who have provided us with valuable testing and feedback over the past several months. Your input has been instrumental in helping us to identify and address issues and improve the overall quality of the platform.

We will continue to rely on the support and feedback of our community to guide our development efforts going forward, and we are committed to making gw2cc the best possible experience for all our users.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has contributed to the development of gw2cc, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.


Blunderbuss Joins the gw2cc Team!

We are thrilled to announce that Blunderbuss is joining the core gw2cc team as official plugin developer! With Blunderbuss on board, we are confident that we will be able to create an exceptional combat system and user experience for you that will take our platform to new heights.

Starting with the upcoming Godot 4 release, GW2A will be rebranded as gw2cp (GW2 Combat Platform), and will seamlessly integrate into gw2cc (without extra fees!). This integration will provide both users and developers with a means to fully automate combat, and we can not wait to see the many new bots powered by gw2cp in the future.

Until then, the currently existing GW2A plugin for Godot 3.5 will be made entirely free for everyone to use. While your existing GW2A subscription should have been automatically cancelled for you, it is paramount that you verify this. You can do so by going to Account -> My Subscription.

Blunderbuss will also help with overhauling some of our existing example plugins to make them more user-friendly and will assist in maintaining our open-source repository. This will allow us to focus more on the core functionality of gw2cc, while users can look forward to a more polished experience.

We are confident that Blunderbuss’s wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to the table will be an invaluable contribution to the development of gw2cc. We are excited about what the future holds for gw2cc and gw2cp as an integral component of it, and look forward to share our progress with you in the coming months.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,
The gw2cc Team

A Word From Blunderbuss Himself

For a long time many have asked about core combat functionality in gw2cc only to be met with the surprise that it has to be purchased one way or another or self developed. I started working on GW2A during the gw2co times and to the month, one year has passed since then and while talks about making GW2A open source and part of gw2cc’s core started way back then, it never gained any momentum, until now…

This statement comes after the fact with the announcement already been made, however: I hope that you all benefit from this change as it was intended to do. Work on porting GW2A to gw2cp (GW2 Combat Platform) is being done for release with gw2cc’s upgrade to Godot 4.0 as an open source plugin that enrich gw2cc’s existing functionality with a more abstract experience for those wanting to take advantage of combat capabilities in their plugins and providing new gw2cc users with combat capabilities right out of the box.

GW2A and its only ACR are now considered as end of life and will eventually stop working when gw2cc discontinues support for Godot 3.5. The only ACR will become an open source plugin as an example of how to write your own combat plugin using the combat platform. As of now, they are both free of charge while we work away at making Godot 4.0 stable which is making very good progress. Discord will remain open until that time and I’ll be moving back to the gw2cc discord for future engagements. There is still a long road ahead of us and those that are beta testing the Godot 4.0 version of gw2cc can already start checking out the new functionality gw2cp brings to gw2cc.

Finally, I’d like to thank you all for your support for GW2A’s development and hope that this change will be met with the reaction we intended for you all.


Help Wanted

Join the community and help improve the functionality of gw2cc! With many plugins in the public repository currently lacking polish, we’re looking for dedicated developers to open pull requests and add valuable contributions to the repository. Not only will you be making a positive impact on the project, but you’ll also have the opportunity to earn rewards for your efforts. As a token of appreciation, we’re offering monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscriptions to gw2cc or any bots developed by the gw2cc team based on the quality and impact of your contributions. Don’t miss this chance to gain recognition and support while making a difference in an exciting project!

Here are a few examples of the rewards you could earn:

  • Impress us with your improved item plugin, and receive a 12-month subscription!
  • Make a splash with your reworked party plugin, and enjoy a 6-month subscription!

For additional opportunities to contribute, check out the “help wanted” tagged issues in our repository, or propose improvements that you believe are necessary.

Also, lifetime subscriptions are available for a GW2-inspired UI skin and an improved website design.


A Glimpse on 2023

In 2022, gw2cc saw rapid development with over 2000 commits. In total, over 700 bugs have been fixed, and over 600 new features have been implemented. Given that development on gw2cc only started in October of 2021 we are very happy with the progress that has been made. Now with the end of the holiday season, we would like to give an outlook on what to expect from gw2cc in 2023.

This year we want to focus on three major points. Firstly, making all remaining gameplay aspects of GW2 that haven’t been implemented yet available in gw2cc. Secondly, improving the overall performance and reliability of the client. This among others encompasses an upgrade to Godot 4. And finally, improving gw2cc’s scalability and making it overall easier to use for everyone. Beyond these, there will of course be countless other smaller (or bigger) changes throughout the year that didn’t make it into this list. For instance, a better plugin manager and a rewrite of the TradingPostManager are on our to-do list as well.

We also want to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to everyone that submitted bug reports and feature requests in the past, as well as the many people that supported us throughout the last year. To all those people we want to say: Thank you! Without your support and trust throughout the beta, gw2cc wouldn’t be where it is today.

With that being said, let’s have a look at what we have in store for gw2cc in 2023!

Upgrade to Godot 4

Not only gw2cc but also Godot, the underlying game engine, saw a lot of work and improvements over the last year. Its next major iteration, Godot 4, is slated to be released very soon and will not only bring massive performance improvements but also a lot of new features and quality-of-life improvements for developers. Therefore, we will evaluate upgrading to Godot 4 as soon as the engine is stable enough. Preliminary experiments showed huge performance gains, especially when a lot of agents were present on the screen.


Since the upgrade to Godot 4 will be a breaking change, all plugins and bots need to be ported to the new engine. While we understand that this means additional work for plugin developers, we believe the advantages Godot 4 brings to the table far outweigh the extra overhead.

To make this transition as smooth as possible, we will first introduce a beta version of the new Godot 4 client and allow everyone to use and test it for multiple weeks before it will replace the old client. This not only allows us to fix any remaining bugs but also gives developers time to migrate their code to the new Godot version.

Physics Rewrite

The second major upgrade this year will be gw2cc’s physics engine, i.e. the part of gw2cc that is responsible for calculating how agents move in the world. In its current form, it has become increasingly difficult for us to add new features, such as mounts, dodging, or gliding. This has been the result of many small ad-hoc changes and workarounds over the last year as we slowly learned more about how the GW2 physics engine works under the hood.

Consequently, the physics engine needs a complete rewrite. While doing so will be a great endeavor, ultimately it will allow us to implement many features we have postponed until now and it should bring movement more in line with the official client. Among others, we hope to support moving platforms and mounts in 2023!

Collision avoidance using Godot 4’s new NavigationServer.

While we are at it, we potentially also consider switching to Godot’s navigation system. Godot uses the same pathfinding and navmesh generation libraries as we do under the hood, Recast & Detour, but arguably dresses them up more nicely. It exposes many features that we currently only support partially or not at all. With Godot 4, navigation saw huge improvements. One additional benefit this would bring is collision avoidance, which would allow a bot to get from A to B while simultaneously avoiding any monsters on the route if possible.

Missing GW2 Functionality

While most of GW2’s systems are already available to developers in gw2cc, some core gameplay aspects are still missing; most notably, chat, projectiles, and guilds. In 2023, we aim to implement most of these missing systems to give developers complete control over all aspects of GW2.

To this end, we encourage all developers to open issues for all features they are missing. Especially, so we can prioritize what to implement next.


Supporting botting at scale has always been one of our primary goals, if not the goal. It is also the reason why we specifically chose to write a standalone client for GW2, a much more challenging task than a mere memory-based botting API, and until now also unprecedented. With gw2cc becoming more stable and feature-complete with each passing month, we believe that in 2023 the time is finally ripe to give large-scale botting the love it deserves.

While there are already some users running a larger number of gw2cc instances successfully, support for larger bot farms is still lacking. There currently is little to no support for managing multiple gw2cc instances. Log files are not correctly created for multiple instances, and there is no integrated way to monitor or control gw2cc instances remotely.

One step to improve the situation will be the introduction of a monitoring plugin, likely within the first half of the year. This plugin will periodically record a set of core statistics, such as gold, experience, acquired items, or current position, and will work independently of any specific bot. Similar to a logging library, the plugin will be written in a modular way allowing users to output these statistics and events to various sinks, e.g. either writing them to disk locally or forwarding them to web services via REST requests. Its arguably most important feature though will be session management. Session management will allow one to check the health of a bot by sending periodic heartbeats, as well as enabling remote restarts or shutdowns of a bot.

The most limiting factor with regard to scalability currently is the memory consumption of a single instance. Even though memory is cheap these days, it’s easy to see how a memory consumption of a mere 2-3GB per instance can become inhibiting when one tries to run 40 bots on a single computer or server. A major step to improve the memory usage of gw2cc will be the introduction of a shared navigation server. The navigation server will handle pathfinding for all clients simultaneously and thus allow sharing and reuse of navigation and map data between clients. Since this data makes up most of gw2cc’s memory consumption, this system will significantly reduce the amount of system memory required to run a large number of clients.

Furthermore, with the migration to Godot 4, a true headless mode will become available on all supported platforms. This means, going forward, no GPU will be required to run gw2cc in standalone mode. With a fix for the Linux version coming within the next months, this will make a wide variety of cheap servers available for botting.

We believe that with all these aforementioned improvements, running 30, 50, or even 100 instances on a single computer should become possible!

Long(er) Term Plans

Beyond the current plans for 2023 outlined here, there are also some other things we have in mind for gw2cc that might or might not be realized in 2023 already. This entirely depends on how fast we will be able to progress, and we can’t make any hard promises about when the following features will be ready.

One of the major issues we currently face with gw2cc is the reliance on the GW2 API for item and skill data. In the long term, we aim to get rid of this dependency altogether, especially since the data provided by the API is often inaccurate. Instead, we want to read out the data directly from the content files that the official client uses as well.

Related to this is our plan to directly read from the .dat archive file used by GW2. This would remove the requirement to download the same data again and instead enable reusing the data already downloaded by GW2. We hope that this change will give people with weak internet connections some relief since they are facing a lot of issues with the gw2cc update process right now. This does, however, not mean that we won’t improve the updater until then. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement there, especially with regard to usability and robustness, and providing a smoother update experience is one of our goals for 2023.

Hopefully, this article gave you a solid overview of what is planned for this year. If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, leave us a message in the discord. We would be very glad to hear your thoughts on this. Happy botting!


We are Open!

We are happy to announce that with today’s update the store is now open to third-party developers! This gives developers a platform to reach all gw2cc users, while users can find bots and plugins in a single, unified place. The days of obscure Discord channels and private messages are finally over.

Checkout what we have to offer already:

If you are a developer that would like to get his work included on the store, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Discord.

Image by Leo Campbell


Scheduled Downtime

In order to move to a better server, there will be a scheduled downtime on Monday, 25th July from 6:00 to 6:30 UTC. During this time, gw2cc, as well as the website, won’t be available! Thank you for your understanding.


The gw2cc open beta started!

After almost one year of development time, we are happy to announce that gw2cc is now officially in open beta! This marks a huge milestone for us, and we would like to thank all those that supported us throughout the closed beta with valuable feedback and bug testing.

Starting from today, anyone on US & EU is welcome to test and play with gw2cc to their hearts’ delight! Keep in mind that despite being in open beta, gw2cc is still mostly targeted at developers and early adopters. During the open beta, access to gw2cc costs 5€ per month per (GW2) account.

Warning: gw2cc is currently in open beta and is not a fully-polished product. This means that stuff will eventually go wrong and break!

What you currently get

gw2cc is foremost a platform to develop bots and assist scripts. Importantly, it is not a bot in itself. Instead, it provides you with all the tools that you need to write a bot or assist script on your own. However, multiple community members are currently developing combat assist scripts using gw2cc, and if you ask nicely you might get early access to them. We expect more projects to pop up in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!

For developers, almost all core functionality of the game is exposed. This includes pathfinding & movement, combat, items, crafting, quests, and many more. For a more comprehensive list refer to the landing page.

The road ahead

Now that gw2cc offers access to most of GW2’s systems, our efforts for the upcoming months will mostly focus on smoothing out the experience for end-users. This includes long-overdue chores such as writing documentation and tutorials for both developers and users, as well as providing more user-friendly feedback on errors. Of course, with the increased user base we also expect more bugs to pop up that will require fixing. Despite this, gw2cc is not yet feature-complete; so expect smaller additions and changes to the API as well.

The open beta is expected to last between one and two months.