We are Open!

We are happy to announce that with today’s update the store is now open to third-party developers! This gives developers a platform to reach all gw2cc users, while users can find bots and plugins in a single, unified place. The days of obscure Discord channels and private messages are finally over.

Checkout what we have to offer already:

If you are a developer that would like to get his work included on the store, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Discord.

Image by Leo Campbell


(Over) frenkey_Teleporter Early Access

And another release this week! This time an early access version of frenkey_teleporter. This plugin allows you to teleport to various POIs as well as NPCs. Currently working for Core, HoT, and PoF.

Thanks go out to Frenkey for making this plugin available to the public!

Download & Install

Download the frenkey_Teleporter.pck file from below and place it into the plugins folder. Use the cogwheel button in the top menu to open the Settings menu and make sure that frenkey_Teleporter.pck is checked.


  • Added dozens of game markers
  • Added all EOD maps
  • Added Click To Teleport
  • Waypoints now show on any map even if the coords file isn’t added yet.
  • Markers which are grayed out are disabled as they are missing a propper Vector3 position.
  • Distances are now displayed behind the marker name.
  • Added categories for quick filtering.
  • Adjusted the font to match GW2’s font.

Scheduled Downtime

In order to move to a better server, there will be a scheduled downtime on Monday, 25th July from 6:00 to 6:30 UTC. During this time, gw2cc, as well as the website, won’t be available! Thank you for your understanding.


(Over) DAT-Condi-Virtuoso Weekend Trial

Starting from today, Mesmer Players can try DatAccount’s Condi-Virtuoso rotation script for free until the end of Sunday. The script automates combat for the Condition Virtuoso build and hits 93% benchmark. Thanks to DatAccount for sharing his work and making this trial available!

Download and Install

A guide video explaining how to activate the plugin

Simply download the .pck file from below and place it in your Plugins folder. Start gw2cc and activate the plugin in the Settings menu and you are ready to go.


Make sure that you have Dagger/Sword equipped as top weapon set, and Dagger/Focus as bottom weapon set!


(Over) DAT-Condi-Scourge Can Be Tried for Free Over the Weekend

DatAccount is on it again with a free trial of his Condition Scourge rotation script! After last weekend Engineer players were already able to test his Scrapper script, this weekend all the Necromancers among you can test his Condi-Scourge script for free.

Achieving a whooping 96% benchmarks, this plugin completely automates combat for the Condition Scourge build (see below for details). The only thing you need to do is to move your character while the scripts eliminates enemy after enemy.

Many thanks to DatAccount for making his plugin available!

Download and Install

Guide video showing how to activate the plugin (no sound). Hold right-click to move the top menu.

Simply download the .pck file from below and place it in your Plugins folder. Start gw2cc and activate the plugin in the Settings menu and you are ready to go.


Condition Scourge Build. Setup your traits and skills as shown.

For details, checkout the corresponding page on Snowcrows.


The gw2cc open beta started!

After almost one year of development time, we are happy to announce that gw2cc is now officially in open beta! This marks a huge milestone for us, and we would like to thank all those that supported us throughout the closed beta with valuable feedback and bug testing.

Starting from today, anyone on US & EU is welcome to test and play with gw2cc to their hearts’ delight! Keep in mind that despite being in open beta, gw2cc is still mostly targeted at developers and early adopters. During the open beta, access to gw2cc costs 5€ per month per (GW2) account.

Warning: gw2cc is currently in open beta and is not a fully-polished product. This means that stuff will eventually go wrong and break!

What you currently get

gw2cc is foremost a platform to develop bots and assist scripts. Importantly, it is not a bot in itself. Instead, it provides you with all the tools that you need to write a bot or assist script on your own. However, multiple community members are currently developing combat assist scripts using gw2cc, and if you ask nicely you might get early access to them. We expect more projects to pop up in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned!

For developers, almost all core functionality of the game is exposed. This includes pathfinding & movement, combat, items, crafting, quests, and many more. For a more comprehensive list refer to the landing page.

The road ahead

Now that gw2cc offers access to most of GW2’s systems, our efforts for the upcoming months will mostly focus on smoothing out the experience for end-users. This includes long-overdue chores such as writing documentation and tutorials for both developers and users, as well as providing more user-friendly feedback on errors. Of course, with the increased user base we also expect more bugs to pop up that will require fixing. Despite this, gw2cc is not yet feature-complete; so expect smaller additions and changes to the API as well.

The open beta is expected to last between one and two months.