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This ACR support 3 specific builds, This does not mean it can’t do others but that is has only been designed and tested for these particular ones.

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DAT-Druid is a Support build for Druid subclass
This ACR excels at providing Might and Alacrity for your team as well as being able to keep them alive as the primary healer.It makes for an excellent PvP build to decap node and hold your own in most situations as long as you aren’t overly outnumbered.Builds Supported:
PvE: https://snowcrows.com/builds/ranger/druid/heal-druid -Frost Spirit
-Sun Spirit
-Stone Spirit
-Storm Pirit
-Lightning Reflexes
-Search and Rescue!PvP: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Druid_-_Decap_Druid -Signet of Stone
-Signet of Renewal
-Glyph of Equality
-Glyph of Tides
-Protect me
-Lightning Reflexes
-Search and Rescue!
-Glyph of Stars (auto revives if it is checked)(removes conditions if that is checked)WvW Zerg: https://gw2mists.com/builds/ranger/heal-druid –Glyph of Equality
-Glyph Of Alignment
-Protect me
-Lightning Reflexes
-Search and Rescue!
For any addition assistance please check the healbrand channel of Dat’s discord found here

If ArenaNet drastically changes the game in anyway which results in this addon no longer being salvageable in it’s use, no refunds will be given and it may result in the addon no longer being supported or updated.

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  1. SuliMonsteR (verified owner)

    This makes me never want to DPS again. Amazing heal/boon output. Full might, alac, fury, regen and more. Heal the whole squad from from near death in a second, auto revive, and auto cc. Very customizable. Predictive healing and auto targeting so you can heal on the run. There’s nothing this can’t do. 10/10 your raid squad will bow down, your fractal runs will be smooth as butter. WvW, PvP you name it, Druid can do it with this DAT magic.

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