Welcome to the gw2cc Open Beta

A fully-automated Scrapper combat assist script built with gw2cc by DatHacks

Completely independent of the official client! Perfectly suited for botting at scale or for assist scripts using the attach mode!

Standalone mode

In standalone mode, gw2cc runs completely independent of the official client. Using only about 1-2 GB of memory one can easily run tens or hundreds of bots at once; especially since graphics can be completely disabled. As a nice bonus, gw2cc is 100% Linux compatible, enabling you to run bots at scale on regular off-the-shelf servers.

Attach mode

Seamless integration into the official client using attach mode

In attach mode gw2cc synchronizes with the official game client, offering seamless integration with the game. UI and 3D elements can be easily overlaid making this mode perfect for assist scripts such as Combat Assists, Teleport Scripts, or Inventory Management. Additionally, this mode allows for easy debugging during bot development and testing.

Based on the Godot Engine

gw2cc is tightly integrated into the Godot Engine, a modern full-fledged game engine

Based on the Godot Engine, gw2cc provides developers with many of the conveniences of modern game engines. This includes elementary features such as raycasting, collision detection and an event system; but also more advanced features, such as a full-fledged UI system and high level networking. Developing bots with gw2cc is not unlike developing AI for AAA-games using Unity or the Unreal Engine.

A community-driven effort

While the core of gw2cc that provides the API to interact with GW2 is closed-source, anything else is completely open-source and available on Github. This includes the whole client, down to plugin loading and common subroutines for bots such as path following and inventory management. Contributions to the public repository are encouraged! Get in touch with @ACB on Discord to request access.

Current features include:

  • Pathfinding & Movement
  • Teleportation
  • Proxy Support
  • Skill Casting
  • Crafting
  • Agent information (position, health, name, type, etc.)
  • Inventory & Items
  • Looting
  • Trading Post
  • Quest status
  • Open World Events
  • Pets
  • Daily (and other) Rewards
  • NPC and Vendor Dialogs
  • Points of Interest (Hearts, Vistas, etc.)
  • Mail